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Cinnabon recipes attempt to recreate the cinnamon-laced taste of the sweet-treat restaurant chain. Founded in 1985 in Seattle, Washington, the Cinnabon restaurant chain features baked goods with a strong cinnamon flavor and a delectable texture.[1] Even though the chain is primarily featured in malls, you can make the flavor and smells of Cinnabon sweet rolls in your own home.

While several different Cinnabon varieties are offered at the restaurant, making the buns at home allows you to customize the dishes to your taste preferences. For example, you could easily decrease the amount of sugar used in the topping, add a varieties of nuts to the batter, or add some extra spices to the mix. No matter your preferences, Cinnabon recipes are a perfect selection for a special breakfast treat, a moneymaking bake sale, or for a breakfast-at-dinner meal.

Creative Commons image by cybrgrl
Owned by FOCUS Brands, Inc.[2]
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia[3]
Founded 1985[4]
Customer service 888-288-ROLL[5]
Specialty Baked goods, frozen drinks
Main ingredients Flour, sugar, cream cheese
Other Focus Brands companies Carvel, Seattle's Best Coffee, Schlotzsky's Deli, Moe's Southwest Grill, Auntie Anne's[6]
Author Laura Acevedo

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Cinnabon Baked Goods Recipes

Cinnabon features a range of baked goods, all with the common theme of rich Makara cinnamon flavor. The iconic Cinnabon classic roll is a large pastry rolled with a cinnamon interior and a cream cheese frosting. The Cinnabon roll recipe is not difficult to make and the Cinnabon cream cheese frosting is quick to prepare. The chain also offers the basic roll flavor in other sizes and shapes including the Minibon, Cinnabon bites, Cinnapacks, Cinnabon stix, and the "Center of the Roll".

You can make most of these offerings as well by simply altering the size of the original cinnamon roll. For example, make smaller rolls to produce Minibons. You can even drizzle chocolate over the top to create the restaurant's new Chocolate Covered Minibons. For an extra-special treat, home bakers can try adding pecans and a drizzle of melted caramel sauce to the Cinnabon recipe to replicate the chain's Caramel Pecanbon rolls.[7]

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Cinnabon Beverage Recipes

Even if you're not in the mood for a baked treat, or if you want to enhance your Cinnabon experience at home, you might want to duplicate the blended beverages available at the chain. For a frozen coffee drink, consider preparing a Mochalatta Chill, which includes coffee, chocolate, and ice.[8] For a fruity treat, consider a tropical blast, strawberry banana, or strawberry Chillatta. If you enjoy Oreos, make a creamy Chillata that combines the cookies, Ghiradelli chocolate sauce, vanilla, and milk.[9] For a light and refreshing treat, make a lemon, orange-mango, or raspberry Tangy Chillatta.[10]

Cinnabon Recipes Video

LMEGuides presents a tutorial on how to make Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls.