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IHOP recipes attempt to recreate the breakfast favorites and other menu items found at the casual dining establishment. Founded in 1958 as the International House of Pancakes in California, the chain began expansion in 1960.[1] In 1973, the company dropped the longer restaurant name in favor of the acronym IHOP.[2]

Yearly, IHOP celebrates the National Pancake Day observance by offering free pancakes. Throughout the year, the chain also offers coupons that help reduce the cost of dining at the restaurant for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Learning how to prepare IHOP recipes allows home cooks to enjoy restaurant-style meals for less money and at a time that is most convenient for their family.

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Owned by International House of Pancakes, LLC[3]
Headquarters Glendale, CA[3]
Founded 1958[4]
Customer service 866-444-5144[5]
Specialty Pancakes, omelets, French toast
Main ingredients Flour, eggs, cheese, chicken, beef
Author Laura Acevedo

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IHOP Breakfast Recipes

The International House of Pancakes offers a range of breakfast specialties. These meals are offered throughout the day, not just during traditional breakfast hours. From hearty omelettes filled with cheese, vegetables, and meats to savory crepes, IHOP offers meal options for all breakfast preferences. For those desiring pancakes, they can choose between multiple recipes. For example, the restaurant's Buttermilk Pancakes features a rich buttermilk taste that would go well with maple syrup. If you prefer a healthier entree, you might enjoy making the chain's Harvest Grain and Nut Pancakes, which are made with whole wheat flour, cornmeal, and oatmeal.[6] These pancakes may be delicious with a fruit syrup such as IHOP's Blueberry or Strawberry syrups.[7]

IHOP also offers plenty of specialty pancakes and crepes, including Swedish Pancakes, which are crepes served with lingonberry butter.[8] Another special pancake offering is IHOP's Cheesecake Pancakes, which feature chunks of real New York-style cheesecake mixed into the classic buttermilk pancake batter and are served with strawberry syrup. To recreate the type of meal served at IHOP, add scrambled eggs and bacon or sausage along with the pancakes. For heartier appetites, breakfast combinations like T-Bone steak and eggs, country fried steak, or biscuits and gravy may hit the spot.

To serve some of IHOP's Kids' Menu breakfast offerings, simply adjust the size or the toppings. For example, make an extra-large buttermilk pancake and top it with a whipped cream "nose", strawberry "eyes", and a sliced banana "smile" to serve the "Create-A-Face Pancake". Kids may also like the "Silver Five", which is made of five silver dollar-sized buttermilk pancakes served with a scrambled egg and a strip of bacon.[9]

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IHOP Lunch and Dinner Recipes

While many associate IHOP with breakfast, the chain offers a wide range of menu items suitable for a traditional lunch or dinner meal. For starters, IHOP offers a Loaded Potato & Bacon Soup, Chicken Fajita Quesadillas, Onion Rings, and Mozzarella Sticks.[10] For lighter fare, consider preparing a Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad or one of the chain's "Simple & Fit" selections.[11] Hearty dinner options include Sirloin Steak Tips, Mediterranean Lemon Chicken, Grilled Tilapia Hollandaise and French Onion Pot Roast.[12]

IHOP Recipes Video

A demonstration of how to prepare a copycat IHOP buttermilk pancakes recipe.


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