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KFC is a fast food chain with locations around the world. Using KFC recipes at home allows home chefs the opportunity to bring home the secret blend of seasonings for their fried chicken entrees, or prepare appetizers, sandwiches and sides that taste similar to the ones found at the restaurant.[1] Copycat recipes offer cost savings over eating out and allow for customization for dietary restrictions or taste preferences. Recreating KFC recipes is not difficult, as most use common kitchen ingredients and basic food preparation methods.

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Offered by KFC
Headquarters 1-800-544-5774 ext. 8360 & ext. 326[2]
Restaurant focus Fried chicken
Menu variety Sandwiches, platters, sides, desserts
Author Laura Acevedo

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Bread and Sides Recipes

KFC biscuits are a nice complement to most full meal dishes. Even cooks who are new to baking will find this biscuit recipe fairly simple to prepare. By combining flour, sugar, milk, and shortening, cooks can mix and shape the dough themselves and then bake the biscuits, all within about 30 minutes. Other KFC bread recipes include refrigerator rolls, buttermilk biscuits and Southern-style spoon bread.

KFC side dishes can be enjoyed along with other Kentucky Fried Chicken dishes, or they can be served with other meals for a added flavor treat. Some side dish recipe options include bean salad, coleslaw, green beans, potato wedges and mashed potatoes with gravy.

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Fried Chicken Recipes

The main entree served at KFC is their fried chicken which is served in two main varieties.

  • KFC Original Recipe Chicken- Featuring a copycat version of the KFC secret blend of eleven herbs and spices, this fried chicken recipe mimics the original offering by the chain. The key is using a pressure fryer to seal in the flavor and juiciness of the chicken while preparing a delicious outer coating.
  • KFC Extra Crispy Fried Chicken- The extra crispy version of KFC fried chicken requires a second dipping in the chicken coating to form a crunchy exterior. The recipe requires a bit more patience and time to complete to ensure the crispy coating turns out just like the fast food chain.

Cooks who want to serve KFC's classic chicken with a bit of a twist can prepare the fried chicken using deboned chicken breast and then serving it on a sandwich bun with lettuce and mayonnaise to recreate the KFC Snacker. Preparing the restaurant's Doublicious sandwich is also possible by serving the fried chicken breast on a Hawaiian bun and adding bacon and cheese.[3]

After finishing a meal of fried chicken, consider adding a classic Southern dessert to the menu such as the KFC pecan pie to make the meal complete.

KFC Recipes Video

Todd Wilbur presents a demonstration on creating a KFC grilled chicken clone in a step-by-step demonstration. Creating Kentucky Fried Chicken clones saves money over purchasing meals at the fast food chain.