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Side dish recipes complement main dishes and help round out a meal. These dishes are often comprised of vegetables, but may also be bread-based, potato-based, or meat-based. Many restaurants service side dishes made from potatoes, tomatoes, beans, and greens. The style and variety of side dishes varies by restaurant. For example, Cracker Barrel offers a wide selection of Southern-style sides such as turnip greens, macaroni and cheese, and baked apples. Other restaurants, such as KFC, offer basic side dishes that enhance their primary fried chicken dishes. KFC side dish options include green beans, mashed potatoes and potato wedges. The key to preparing delicious restaurant-style side dishes at home is to balance fresh ingredients with easy recipes that blend well with other dishes you are preparing. Opting to make dishes at home, rather than buy them at a restaurant, allows you to save money and customize the dishes to your dietary, ingredient, and taste preferences.

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Types of side dishes Breads, casseroles, pastas, vegetables, salads, meats
Basic side dish ingredients Vegetables, potatoes, sauces
Offered by Fast food and sit-down restaurants, including Ruby Tuesday, Pizza Hut, and Wendy's
Preparation methods Baking, sauteing, frying
Nutrition options Low calorie ingredients, light cooking methods such as braising and baking
Author Selena Robinson

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Vegetable Side Dish Recipes

Vegetables are a common side dish item that can be served in many different ways. For example, you can use fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and olives to make Olive Garden's salad, which is an ideal side dish for heavy entrees such as pastas.[1] If you'd prefer to make a classic side that features braised or boiled vegetables, you might enjoy serving Texas Roadhouse's green beans, which uses diced bacon and onion for flavor, along with a ham or a beef roast.[2]

For a slightly different take on a vegetable side, try preparing P.F. Chang's Lettuce Wraps. These sides consist of ground beef that has been flavored with Asian spices and then wrapped in lettuce leaves. If you're planning an elegant dinner, a simple yet tasteful side such as Olive Garden's Baked Stuffed Artichokes with Foccacia might be perfect for a memorable event.

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Meat Side Dish Recipes

Some fast food meat entrees would make excellent side dishes, especially if you serve them for parties or informal gatherings. McDonald's Chicken McNuggets might be a big hit with kids and teenagers who are having a small dinner, while adults might enjoy having Zaxby's Chicken Fingers along with burgers and fries.

Pizzerias and chain pizza restaurants such as Pizza Hut and Domino's Pizza also offer side dishes to go along with their pizzas and pasta dishes. These dishes are good options for parties, special events, and casual dinners. For example, Pizza Hut's Buffalo Wings are a classic party entree that can be made quickly for a gathering or an event. Those who prefer a milder taste might like preparing the restaurant's Lemon Pepper Wings.

Potato Side Dish Recipes

Potatoes are yet another classic side dish option. They can be served several ways, which can help you avoid serving the same side dish too often. One of the easiest potato sides to make is the classic mashed potatoes side served at Texas Roadhouse. Add a simple sauce like KFC's gravy to top it off. If you want to try a different take on mashed potatoes, switch out white potatoes for mashed sweet potatoes with honey caramel sauce for a sweet and filling side.

You can also serve potatoes in a warm layered dish such as Cracker Barrel's Hash Brown Casserole. This "comfort food" dish uses hash brown potatoes that have been cooked in cream of chicken soup and sour cream, then topped with shredded cheese.[3] For a unique way to serve potatoes, try preparing Applebee's Potato Twisters and serving the fried potato slices along with the Queso Blanco sauce offered at the restaurant.

Bread Side Dish Recipes

Biscuits, quick breads, and rolls are also traditional side dishes. They help to round out a meal and to make sure that your guests are full. KFC's Buttermilk Biscuits and Spoon Bread would be nice sides for fried chicken, pork, or stew. A lighter bread side is Maggiano's Bruschetta, which features sliced Italian bread topped with fresh tomatoes, herbs, and cheese.

Bread side dishes are also frequent offerings at pizzerias. At Domino's Pizza, guests can order the Stuffed Cheesy Bread, which uses a homemade bread dough and several types of cheese. Pizza Hut's Cheese Sticks feature a similar taste and would make an excellent side dish to serve along with pizza or pasta.[4]

Quick and Easy Side Dishes

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