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Starbucks is a coffeehouse chain that serves coffee, specialty drinks, teas, pastries, and meals. While you can't replicate the feel of an actual Starbucks coffeehouse in your home, you can recreate some of their coffee and tea beverages for a fraction of the cost. Even if you don't have a cup-a-day habit, learning to make your own Starbucks recipes at home offers cost savings and allows you to enjoy the drinks whenever the mood strikes. If you plan to prepare Starbucks recipes at home regularly, you may need to invest in an espresso maker for optimal results.

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Owned by Starbucks Corporation[1]
Headquarters Seattle, Washington[2]
Founded 1971[3]
Customer service 800-782-7282[4]
Specialty Coffee and blended coffee beverages
Main ingredients Coffee, tea, milk, espresso, whipped cream
Author Laura Acevedo

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Starbucks Coffee Recipes

Starbucks offers a range of specialty coffees, including Frappuccino, espresso, and even iced coffee drinks like an Iced Vanilla Latte. Many of the drinks are made with a shot of espresso, then frothed milk, ice, syrups, and other ingredients are blended into the beverage for a flavor punch. Seasonally, the chain offers special items like the Pumpkin Spice Latte and the Gingerbread Latte, while other favorites like the Iced Caramel Macchiato are featured year-round. For all coffee recipes, it is best to start with a high quality coffee, particularly Starbucks coffee, to help replicate the taste at home.

Starbucks Tea and Syrup Recipes

While Starbucks is most closely associated with coffee and coffee beverages, the chain also features a range of hot teas. Their Chai Tea Lattes add a blend of seasonings and milk to a base of black tea for a warm, satisfying beverage. The chain's classic Chai Tea omits the milk, but still features the rich chai spices. Other teas may be served chilled over ice, topped with whipped cream or served plain.

Making many of the coffee drinks and other specialty items requires the use of special syrups. The pumpkin spice syrup and the gingerbread syrup are great ways to add seasonal flavor to coffee and the vanilla syrup adds a light, yet familiar flavor to many coffee mixes. These syrups are easy to make and can also be used to flavor other beverages, desserts and other treats.

Starbucks Bakery Recipes

Diners can also order various pastries and baked goods when they stop at a Starbucks location. Along with standard bakery items such as bagels, croissants, and muffins, Starbucks also sells specialty items such as Birthday Cake Mini Doughnuts, Mallorca Sweet Bread, and Raspberry Swirl Pound Cake.[5] Starbucks has also featured Cranberry Bliss Bars, bar cake slices with diced cranberries and nuts that are topped with icing. These offerings can make a quick breakfast or a tasty dessert.

Starbucks Recipes Video

A demonstration on how to prepare a Starbucks Frappuccino at home using basic ingredients.